by cari

After a decade of being a professional photographer shooting ally types of photography my focus is on boudoir. It is what I have been passionate about since the beginning. I also offer headshots, family, and the occasional weddings. 

Is boudoir the only thing you photograph?

95% of the images on my website are photoshop free. My philosophy is if it wasn't there 2 weeks ago or a hair is out of place, I will remove it. I do smooth the skin lightly. If you would like more photoshop beyond that it is available - but babe, you are fire just the way you are.

Do you photoshop my images?

Depends on your session. You can choose if you want it included or I have collections with out it -you can come bare and natural or brides to be schedule your boudoir session after your hair and make up trial 

Is hair and makeup included?

What makes you feel sexy and confident? I have a lingerie closet filled with some of my favorite looks that you have full access to. We will talk in your planning session we discuss ideas. If lingerie isn't your think - don't wear lingerie. This is about what makes you feel good in your skin. 

What do I wear?

Dance it out. No, seriously put on your favorite songs and get up and have a dance party. If you are feeling nervous because you don't know me - let's have coffee on Zoom some morning and get to know each other. Otherwise before your session, get a good night sleep, eat breakfast and hydrate - other tips will arrive to your inbox as we countdown to your boudie session.

I’m freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

Not without your permission! Would I love to post from every session? Yes, but boudoir is personal and sharing your images is your decision to make not mine. 

Will my photos be posted online?

You probably have questions.
I hopefully have answers.

Can i sell my images?

Your contract grants you personal use of your images. This gives you permission to use them but not make money off of them. But don't worry, I got you babe. Let's chat about a contract that includes being able to profit from them. 

Get your boudie on

Take the leap. Trust that little voice saying "do it" and even if its just to ask questions and see if its right for you, I got you babe. Phone or email your call.